Today, more and more women are choosing to wax, shave or depilate their intimate area. But while regular grooming is really important, over time it can leave your skin feeling a little sensitive.

Thank goodness, then, for Libresse DailyFresh liners. These liners not only protect your underwear, they care for your delicate V-zone skin, too. And it’s all thanks to their amazing ProSkin formula.


DailyFresh liners have a special top-sheet layer that contains a mild lactic acid ingredient. This ingredient is naturally produced by the same good bacteria that can be found in your vagina. It helps maintain the delicate pH balance of your intimate area and keeps you feeling clean, comfortable and healthy.

And the very best bit? These liners are breathable too, just like cotton underwear. Which means they can be worn every day of the month, not just when your period is light.

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